Dollar is two!

Dear Dollar,

Two years ago today you came into the world like a whirlwind and it’s been the most joyful, exhausting, fun, and fullest year of my life. How lucky was I to get the best seat in the house for watching you grow? You’re no longer my sweet soft little baby; you’re officially a little person. Physically you look like a little boy now and its heartbreaking. It’s going to be so hard for me to let go of your baby-ness, in fact it will be impossible. I’m sure you’ll be 27 year old man bringing your wife and children over and I will squeeze you in half and still call you my little baby.

This year has been a blur for me, literally and figuratively. You are constantly on the move Dollar, and it’s been hard for me to keep up with you. One minute you were this chubby faced cherub who was unsteady on his feet and the next you were full speed running from me with two cups filled with water in your hands, laughing as they splash to the floor with your movements. It’s hard for me to remember the old Dollar, the stationary one.

You are mischief and perfection all wrapped up into a 3 foot little package. You give a new definition to the phrase “Free Spirited”. Most days you are trying to give Dennis the Menace a run for his money. A few of your favorite pass times are: Playing in toilets by either clogging them with bath toys, or using the plunger to splash all the water from the toilet to the floor, Using your crayons to color on anything but paper, flooding the kitchen by pushing the water dispenser on the fridge. You’ve recently learned to scooch stools and chairs over to get things that you want, ie sharpie markers, black paint, my expensive face cream, toothpaste (seriously kid stop eating toothpaste!), cleaners, etc. Just anything that for sure baby should not be getting in to as it could be dangerous, and then you get into it and then use it for evil. At the same time your free spirit has allowed you to never hold back. You are the happiest kid I know. You try EVERYTHING! You are so adventurous and willing to try anything it seems. I love that about you. I love that you take chances. While at two they are usually idiotic and include jumping off of high places. I just know later in life that you are going to be a risk taker that makes his life something so remarkable.

Your language has exploded this year. You were our earliest talker so that’s not surprising. You had 10-15 words by 10 months. This year you went in spurts. From the time you hit a year old until you were sixteen months your language stalled. You were working on trying to walk during that time and once you learned to walk your speech followed. You say 100’s of words and communicate so well. I love the “isms” you’ve given us. For example, you call yourself “Dah-er”, which is how your pronounce Oliver. So we’ve all taken to calling you Dollar, hence the “Dear Dolllar”. Your favorite drink is “Da” which is how you say Soda and you go crazy when you see it, you even like to look at pictures of your favorite Da, Capri Suns are “A Mons”, Trains are “Gyms”, EeBee baby is “E-Baby”, Gavin is “Gah”, Shanda is “Shan’Sha”, Ruby is Ru-Ru, Mac and Cheese is “Cheese Cheese”, your favorite blanket is called “Favory”, all snacks are “Bars”, unless it’s a Brownie then it’s a cake, and fruit snacks are called Daddies, and Cars are “Carkeys”. You are speaking in 3-4 word sentences and you are by far our best talker. I didn’t think anyone could top Keaton but you’ve done it!

You are also our first real boyish boy. You are obsessed with cars and trains (Gyms). You make car noises and say “Vroom Vroom, coming through, outta my way”. You can spend an hour playing on your car and train table. You also love construction sites. If we drive pass one or see one while on a walk you get so excited to see the big cars and trucks. You love throwing and kicking and throwing balls. We also found out you are a pretty awesome gymnast. You started toddler gymnastic class and you are pretty wild and rarely pay attention. But, when you do you are fantastic at it. I think we are going to pull you out and wait until you are a little older. I think it might be something you’ll be great at though.

This has been a fun year of watching you grow and learn, watching your little personality form. You love Barney (much to my dismay) and Elmo. You have to snuggle or be around your Dad and me every second of the day. You love your big brothers, especially TT, you think he hung the moon. You two have such a special bond. I love watching you together. You have five blankets you try to drag them everywhere with you. It started as three and has grown to five. You recently learned to climb out of your crib and you’ve been getting up at 6am to wake us all up, what a treat. You’ve also learned to open the fridge and just help yourself to 25 string cheeses a day, which you don’t eat, just bite and leave. You are so adorable Ollie. Your smile fills up your whole face and your laugh is unlike anyone else’s I’ve ever heard. You make everyone laugh with your silliness. I just know you are going to grow up to have the most amazing sense of humor.

Oliver, I want you to know how important you are to our family. Without you our family would not be complete. I wouldn’t be complete. I know that I don’t always have the patience you need from me. I know I yell “NO” and get frustrated with you more often than not. Your personality is new to me; I’ve never raised such a wild spirit. I hope you will forgive me for my short comings. You are teaching me to focus on the little moments, the new achievements each day, and to be grateful for the seconds we’re given. You’re teaching me to be patience and understanding, to sweat the small stuff. You are teaching me to laugh when I want to cry, to speak softly, and love without limits. I know that God gave you to me because he knew you were everything I lacked. Everything our little family lacked and needed. In year three I promise to yell No less often, hug you more, and try to laugh off your mischief. I know one day so very soon I am going to miss you being two. I am going to miss your dimpled hands and soft features. I need to let go and just allow myself to enjoy you, potty splashing and all.

Happy second Birthday to you my little Dollar Michael! I am the luckiest and proudest mom of the most delicious, beautiful, and hilarious two-year-old in the world. Let’s make year three even more memorable than year two shall we?

I love you with all of me and more!

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  • What a beautiful letter. I have tears in my eyes! Happy 2nd birthday Oliver.
    I’ve thought the same thing about how George is always going to be my baby, even when he’s all grown up.

  • Oh happy birthday you cute little boy!!! Let’s get together! Are you feeling ok!?

  • This like the other letters bring me to tears. I couldn’t finish this one. I will later. I don’t know you, Oliver, as much as I would to or as much as I know your older brothers. I do know I love you as much. Your Mom has a wonderful talent to write how she feels about you and your brothers so you will always know how much your mommy loves you. Have a wonderful 2nd year. Grandma

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